In the regular season, the Rockets played with the Spurs four times, the first win in the case of losing three games. In this series, the rocket is the first to catch people Joonas Korpisalo Jerseys, but after losing streak. If you lose, the Rockets total score will be 1-3 behind, they probably do not have the opportunity to play back to Houston this season. In the NBA, every year a lot of fresh blood into the league, players so, coaches are so, you do not work well, behind a bunch of retired places Rene Bourque Jerseys, a group of dormant years of assistant coaches will be staring. And Mike - Brown has been able to be removed in the NBA for so many years, to coach James, Kobe Bryant such a star level of the characters, apparently only playing haha, when the puppet is not enough Sam Gagner Jerseys, his body, or a lot of excitement. Came to the semi-finals, the two teams seem to even more on a higher level. First said the Warriors, although the Jazz regular season had beaten the Warriors, but really to the playoffs, the regular season of everything that can not explain the problem Blue Jackets Shop. Durant's return to all become particularly simple, the first two jazz did not even lead the Warriors 1 minute. The third battle of the city of Salt Lake fans gave the warriors a lot of pressure, Gobel one will be inside the Warriors stirred upside down. Unfortunately, Curry and Durant in the fourth quarter of a key one-third of the key, plus Durant several times unreasonable dry pull and emergency stop, Jazz a whole effort to naught.